Visitors Gallery

ICNA Convention

At the time of ICNA 33rd Convention at Hartford Convention Center Connecticut in year 2008, to educate people on Herbal Products American Herbal Nutrition & Skin Care Natural Way organized a free consultancy and Demo educational therapeutic care campaign.

Hakeem Mohammad Hussain lead the campaign with his team of assistants and provided information to people of different ethnic origin & cultures, who speak different languages.

In the pictures Herbalist Hakeem Mohammad Hussain is seen briefing different gathering of people, the benefit of Natural Herbs & Herbal Products which don’t have any side effects in his informative discourses on Herbal therapy.

Philleppine American Visit

Philleppine American Sister Amena, a New York resident is discussing with Hakeem Mohammad Hussain, the usefulness and healing power of Herbal Products for various deficiencies.