Educational Background

Hakeem Mohammad Hussain

Hakeem Mohammad Hussain is a Pharmacist and a long time student and researcher in discovering the usefulness and medicinal value of Herbal & Nutritional products. He possesses a Bachelor in Pharmacy from University of Karachi, Pakistan and joined a Pharmaceutical Company which posted him in Hyderabad, Sind. He has been always very much interested in the study of Alternative way of healing.

In Indo-Pak Sub Continent there are Eastern Medical Schools by the name of Tibbiya-College and in some past of Indo-Pak Sub Continent by the name of Unani & Ayurvadic College. In those educational organizations they teach Natural way of healing by the study of Herbal and Nutritional products with the study of Plants, Leaves, Stems, Roots etc, theories of Father of Medicine Hakeem Abu Ali Cenna (in West called Avicenna).

At Hyderabad, Sind, he took admission at Eastern Medical School named Sind Tibbiya College and graduated in Unani & Ayurvadic Systems of Medicine in the year 1983.

Persistent Interest to gain more practical experiences in Natural way of Healing:

After completing the course he worked under the Supervision and guidance of famous and experienced Hakeems in the Herbal Clinics of:

  • Professor Hakeem Tahawwor Ali Zaidi, Principal, Sind Tibbiya College Hyderabad.
  • Professor Hakeem Nafees, Professor of Eastern Medicince, Sind Tibbiya College Hyderabad.
  • Hakeem Hafiz Bahauddin (Hakeem Haziq). Famous Practitioner of Eastern Medicine at Hyderabad.
  • World renowned Scholar and Doctor of Eastern Medicine Hakeem Mohammad Saeed at Matab-e-Hamdard, Aram Bagh Karachi.

To gain more knowledge in the field, he went to Aligarh Muslim University Tibbiya College India and stayed there at Sir Syed Hall of Aligarh Muslim University Hostel in the year 1985. 

Education in U.S.A.

Completed the course “Herbalism and Natural Healing” from the IMMUNE POWER INSTITUTE, New York in the year 1997. The course conducted by John Harris, gained him immense knowledge of American Herbal products.

Knowledge is Power:

Quest of knowledge makes man perfect, and seeking it enhances power and has been his guiding axiom in the study of new American Herbs

Dedicated to serve people:

It had been always Hakeem Mohammad Hussain’s wish to serve people and provide assistance to health problem, to understand herbal cure and the usefulness of Nursing Care.

With this aim in mind, he joined the class of Nursing Care, and became New York State Department of Health Certified Nursing Assistant in 1998.

At present, he is providing useful and valuable advice to people, to understand and make use of Herbal Natural Care as an alternative way of healing.

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